About SDHtoronto Fam

Our vision is to inspire consumers to use their purchasing power! We need to invest massively in the Black community so that we have a stronger political position to make actionable changes. We are also all about encouraging the youth to aspire to ownership. SDHtoronto will continue to produce empowering designs to help foster much needed change. With your help, we will empower lives all across the globe. 



Our mission is to evoke awareness and inspiration through our designs. When our customers see our designs, they feel empowered and understand wholeheartedly our sincere commitment to the movement of supporting Black lives. Our designs speak 2 our customers. Our designs speak 4 our customers. We have committed to donate a portion of our profits to charities that support Black/marginalized youth. 

How It Happened
Honing in on my creativity started after not 1 but 2 car accidents. I found myself depressed and not wanting to do much until I picked up my iPad and iPencil and started drawing again. I hadn't drawn since I was a little girl. It certainly re-awakened my creative soul! As I drew images, I would imagine them being on clothing that I'd love to wear! 
It soon became more prevalent to me how little I am represented in clothing---I talked to many people and friends about the lack of diversity in clothing and how it needs to change--then one day I thought, if there is not enough diversity in fashion, maybe I need to be the change. -- My boys are now a big part of the change and have been a great inspiration!
I am very excited to present our collection to you! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed designing them. When we create designs, "It's who we are--It's who we all are!"
About the Owner
Sandra Hamilton graduated in Fashion Technique and Design in 1988. She worked for a few designers and was led by her other passion to play professional basketball in Spain, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, England and the Majorca Islands! Sandra eventually was inducted 3 times into three different hall of fames for her basketball talent!
After her basketball chapter ended, Sandra knew fashion still held a deep hold of her heart. She enjoys making designs for the socially conscious as well as creating her own inclusive designs!
Just an FYI: Sandra is also a school teacher and is an author and illustrator (S.D. Hamilton) of a children’s ninja book series, personal dictionaries and cursive writing notebooks-- currently on Amazon.com.
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