See Colour - Eye Can See You


YOUR IMPACT: With your purchase, SDHtoronto is able to donate to Black youth charities.

Get your hands on this totally dope, "Eye Can See You" tee! Use your eyes to see colour. We are different and it is a wonderful difference! What has been imbedded into our DNA is not accurate and it can breed hate. Watch what you do. Watch what you say. Watch what you see.

Be nice.

Be kind.

Be an Ally.


FYI:  "See Colour" is faintly seen on these shirts. It represents the unconscious bias we all have. It's something you can barely see, and may not talk about --and when you do, it may feel uncomfortable-- we're not sure who sees it, or if it stands out...It just stays in the background... 

Indulge! Talk! Listen! Educate! Embrace!  :-)

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We are all the same. A piece in the same game.


  • Classic Lightweight fabric delivers moisture-wicking properties
  • Classic fit
  • 50/50 cotton/polyester